Background Checks Due Diligence

Are you hiring a new employee such as a nanny, personal assistant or finance manager? Curious as to what your teenager, partner, friend or parent is up to on social media? Have you met someone special on an online dating website but feeling unsure about them? Looking at entering into a new business arrangement but unsure about those involved? MASK Services Group, one of the best detective agencies in Mumbai, is here to help! Our Private Investigators, based in Mumbai are equipped with the skills to conduct thorough and comprehensive background checks to uncover even the most concealed information that someone may not want you to know.
At MASK Services Group we help uncover the following information (subject to your requirements) Full name Date of birth Current address Previous addresses Others residing at current address Property ownership history Financial history such as declaring bankruptcy, judgements and defaults Social media activity If you require a more in-depth character background investigation we have access to highly guarded information that can establish the following facts: Current and past relationships Current and past employment Current and past involvements with business Paternity matching Lifestyle habits and behaviours ranging from establishing their day-to-day routine or problems such as substance abuse To effectively and efficiently obtain such sensitive information we require an open and honest relationship with you. We strive to find out every detail that we can however in order to find the correct information we require all information that you have regarding the individual you are looking for. This assists in determining the reliability of the information and our timeliness in finding it. Our skill and discretion ensure that the subject of the private investigation will have no knowledge of the exploration thus ensuring your needs and privacy will be protected.